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November 18, 2003


Amy's Robot Sex Tape

amy's robot sex tapeparis

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, or you're the sort of out-of-touch rube who doesn't read two dozen blogs a day, I am sure you've heard about the latest scandal to rock the internet: the Amy's Robot Sex Tape.

It seems that a certain ex-friend stole a certain compromising video tape from the Amy's Robot video archive, and has distributed bootleg copies around Los Angeles, New York, and Hattiesburg. This outrageous and defamatory gesture will not stand!

After spending the last several days in a wicked K-hole brought on by a despair like you've never known, Amy and I have decided to make the only sensible move under such horrifying circumstances.

We are releasing the tape. Let me warn you though...It's raw. Very raw.

You ask: Why would we release this abhorrent display of orgiastic perversity? Because our therapist told us we needed to confront our pain. And you need to confront it with us. So, beloved readers (whom I love with a transcendent love, just as Kelly Jo Estella loves Bachelor Bob), I give you:

The Amy's Robot Sex Tape (Quicktime req'd)

I just hope we're doing the right thing.

ps. Here's some reference material if you need it. (In other words, if you haven't seen that other sex tape making the rounds, you might not enjoy this one very much.) You also need Quicktime.

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