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November 18, 2003


Average Joe: Here come the hot guys!

Last night's episode saw Melana whittle her selection down to Zach (the arrogant prick), Adam (the nice version of Zach), and some other dork. All the vanilla nerds are sent home, but sadly, so is Tareq who is probably the most interesting of the bunch. During a competition for a private date with the girl of his TV dreams, he becomes enraged with himself for "not being able to master the sport of golf in a matter of minutes." The scenes of him golfing, or trying to, all the while chanting positive visualization messages to himself is the funniest stuff I've seen on any of these reality dating shows. Eventually, though, his frustration overcomes his self-hypnosis and efforts to "program" himself (his word), and he throws his golf shaft across the green, a move that demonstrates his symbolic castration, and doesn't do much to impress Malena, who abhors shows of temper. So long, Tareq.

And so then, after the elimination, the "surprise that changes everything" occurrs, just as we predicted a few weeks ago (see the very end of this post), and a bunch of hot guys (well, two hot guys and one sketchy-looking guy) show up, and Malena is knocked out, as are the remaining Average Joes. If the scenes from next week are any indication, Malena doesn't waste any time seeing if hot guys can kiss as well as dorks.

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