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November 13, 2003


Southern Ex-Democrats speak out

The LA Times features a dispatch from Greenville, SC, with interviews with regular people about what happened to the Democratic party in the south, and how people are responding to Dean. As you might expect, white southerners are increasingly thinking of Democrats as the Black Party. As more and more middle-class white people populate southern states, there are fewer working-class people to ally themselves with the labor issues that used to be the backbone of the Democratic party. As people who identify as working-class feel increasingly out of touch with the Democratic party (many people interviewed cite gay rights battles as an alienating force,) they are turning to what they view as a more traditionalist group, the Republicans. The only hope, if southern people continue thinking of party identification as an extension of social class, is that our tanking economy will realign those on the brink of financial trouble with the Democrats. The President of the state's Democratic party says, "I don't want horrible things to happen so the Democrats can gain. But if this keeps up you're going to see Democrats start to win."

So now the Democrats are the guys that we call in to clean up the Republicans' economic mess? Look you Southern ex-Dems: you elected Bush. Don't give me your bigoted, homophobic neuroses as an excuse. This isn't about regional identification, this is about trying to keep our country from getting ruined.

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