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January 18, 2004


Everyone Loves Bad Singers

NYT has an article and accompanying audio feature on bad singers who are popular anyway: e.g., Pharrell, Lumidee, 50 Cent, and Biz Markie (who is so bad he's practically a novelty).

Relatedly, last night's episode of Saturday Night Live offered an all-celebrity edition of American Idol that parodied the poor singing voices of a handful of successful singers (J. Lo, Madonna, Britney, and "the guy from Creed"). Coincidentally, 50 Cent (along with members of his posse who are more talented than he is) was the show's musical guest.

So what's so great about bad singers? I guess it's that they offer proof of the American Dream....if you want something bad enough, it can happen, even if you suck.

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