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January 19, 2004


History of the Iowa Caucuses and Democratic Nominees +

In case anyone is wondering, here's how Iowa's Democratic caucuses have gone historically:

  • 1972: Muskie
  • 1976: Carter
  • 1980: Carter
  • 1984: Mondale
  • 1988: Gephardt
  • 1992: Harkin
  • 1996: none held
  • 2000: Gore
So, not much of a data set there, but 4 times, the winner has gone on to the nomination, and 3 times he hasn't. But the problem for Dean here isn't contending with historical precedent: it's that he has utterly lost momentum.

Oh, well, maybe the Democrats will have better luck in 2036 when the government considers legalizing the Democratic party again.

Here's a more detailed look at the winners and losers in Iowa over the years. Isn't it funny that out of 7 caucuses, only one winner (Carter) has gone on to become President. Update: When I wrote that, I meant out of Democratic caucuses, but when I looked back, I noticed that even out of 12 caucuses (either party), only Carter and GWB went on to win the general election the same year they won Iowa. Not exactly a kingmaking caucus.

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