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January 23, 2004


Five Degrees of Kevin Bacon and Pedoph*lia

Has anyone noticed that Kevin Bacon has starred in at least five movies in which pedoph*lia has played a central role? In reverse chronological order:

  • The Woodsman. His latest, now playing at Sundance. He's the pedophile.
  • Mystic River. Tim Robbins is the pedophile, he's the cop.
  • Wild Things. He's the pedophile, if Neve Campbell (or was it Denise Richards? Or both?) count as kids.
  • Sleepers. He's the pedophile.
  • Forty Deuce. He's a young hustler. The other guy is the pedophile.
So that's more than 10% of his movies. -adm
Hey ADM, what are you doing, blaming the victim here? Isn't Tim Robbins the victim of pedoph*les in Mystic River? Or maybe there are more nuances in the book, which I haven't read, suggesting otherwise. Unless there's some sort of vampire=pedoph*le symbolism going on (we all know that the Tim Robbins character feels like he is a vampire, because he repeats a phrase indicating as much over and over again. That movie just sucked.) Also, don't forget about Kevin Bacon's 1999 movie Stir of Echoes, in which a young teenage girl is raped. -amy

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