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February 18, 2004


24: Now that's what I'm talking about

Well OK! As TWoP puts it, Nina slithered all over last night's episode of 24, and exhibited some of the death-defying, blood-soaked bravado that got us excited about this show in the first place. Not only does she do everything but lick Tony's face during her interrogation in her efforts to make him uncomfortable about their former relationship, before he knew she was a global assassin/racketeer/traitor/spy/agent of sexiness, but she also does the following things:

1) rams her own neck into a syringe full of that super-painful green liquid that torture artists inject into people to make them confess;
2) lacerates her carotid on the needle, spraying blood everywhere;
3) squeezes off the flow of anesthesia while on the operating table, to keep herself from being sedated while the emergency paramedics are attempting to stop her arteries from gushing;
4) shoots the entire squad of medics working on her;
5) runs through CTU unseen, while bleeding from her arteries and shooting a lot more guards, to that control room where all the bad stuff happens at this agency, and where she shot Teri Bauer years ago;
6) gets into a standoff with Kim;
7) gets shot in the shoulder by Kiefer, who lays the velvetiest of the smoothest Sutherland bedroom whispers on her before
8) blowing her away. Because even after all that she was still going for her gun.

Nina, it won't be the same without you, but that was a hell of a way to go out. If only you could have somehow manipulated Kim into driving a stake through her own heart before you bit it, that would have really been something. -amy

[Here's a pic of Jack shooting her. You can see the smoke rising from the gun and everything. -adm]

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