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February 23, 2004


Letterman's Pillow Talk

Forget what gets whispered at the end of Lost in Translation, a topic Ebert covered a few weeks ago. This week, we learn the sorts of things Letterman whispers in his guests ears after a segment, just before a show cuts to commercial. As Ebert discusses a fast food chain in reponse to an email, he offers this little bit of insider information.

You know how on the Letterman show, Dave sometimes whispers in a guest's ear at the end of a segment? Whenever I'm on the show, he recites Steak 'n Shake's "four ways to enjoy," which are, of course, Car, Table, Counter and (their spelling) Takhomasak.
He also calls Steak 'n Shake "the finest fast food restaurant in the world." [last item]

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