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February 9, 2004


Political Celebrities get nasty

NY Daily News reports on Al Franken and Moby, who are taking political action and using some guerrilla tactics to fight conservativism. Moby has advocated infiltrating online chatrooms to circulate rumors about Bush (such as paying for an abortion for an old girlfriend, offering amnesty to illegal workers.) Making unsubstantiated claims about political opponents is clearly not an unknown practice to the Republican party, judging from comments quoted in the same article made by spokeswoman Christine Iverson, who says John Kerry has used "the lowest form of gutter politics" in his campaign, while not specifying what she is referring to. Bush's supporters most likely are not aware of many of the realities of his administration and his manipulation of the truth, so perhaps these people would also believe Moby's more absurd rumors. Couldn't we just as easily post actual facts about Bush online to generate many of the same negative reactions?

Also, Al Franken is not dropping the matter of the heckler at the Dean rally in NH, and the way the NY Post implied that Franken "body-slammed" him. Even though the Post ran Franken's letter explaining his side of the story, the letter was misleadingly edited, despite a promise that it would be published in full. Franken's general comments after the scuffle were also reported in the Post as a "taped interview" between Franken and Vincent Morris, who wrote the original "body-slam" Post story. The issue is pretty much over, but good for Al Franken for standing up for himself and refusing to be misrepresented. Again.

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