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March 2, 2004


Average Joe vs. the Democrats

Maybe it's worth noting, ever so briefly, how much CNN's "Delegates Scorecard" resembles the scorecards found on the websites of reality television shows, such as Average Joe. CNN even puts helpful "OUT" banners across the pictures of those contenders who have been voted off the island.



This will be convenient when America starts picking its president via reality television shows. The alignments are already clear:

Average Joes: Lieberman, definitely Kucinich, Sharpton, Gephardt (wants to be a hunky new guy, though), Nader, and probably Kerry.
Hunky new guys: Edwards (obviously), Dean, Clark, Bush, Schwarzenegger, Fabio.

Maybe Gephardt would orginally be picked for the hunky guys, but then realize how fake they all are, start crying, and try to align himself with the dorks, just like Theo the Weepy Metrosexual Chiropractor.

Hmm...Maybe we can figure out who the nominee is really going to be by searching through CNN's image directory for the candidate who has no "OUT" version of his picture. (It [sort of] worked before, you know.) Hey, wait a second! How did she get in there?

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