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March 1, 2004


Democracy In Action Inaction In Action

Haven't you heard? Kerry and Edwards have "competing" op-ed pieces in the NYT today, in which they finally clarify all those important differences between them, like which one SERVED IN VIETNAM.

So don't forget to vote tomorrow. For Sharpton, of course!

(Unfortunately, NYC.gov can't tell you where to vote, but you can call 1.866.VOTE.NYC to find out. It's automated: Press 1 for English, then 2 for locations. It works.)

It's important to get out and vote, since this may be your second-to-last opportunity ever if Bush wins in the fall. After he signs the Gay Voting Ban Amendment of 2005 -- under which anyone who opposes the amendment will also be considered gay* and therefore ineligible to vote -- we'll all be screwed.

*"Gay" as in "that's so gay," not "gay" as in "gay," but in 2005, it won't even matter anymore.

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