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May 25, 2004


24: Last Episode Tonight

As was reported on the Link Factory, some clues were released today about plot developments on 24: many recurring characters did not get their contracts renewed for next season. I have some ideas about what might happen during tonight's season finale. Obviously, a whole lot of people will get killed, but I suspect that one of them might be Tony Almeida. Tony has really blown it this season, ruining CTU operations by caving to the demands of the terrorist who was holding his wife hostage. Did Kiefer let the President get assassinated in season 1 when his family was being held hostage? No he didn't! He subverted the terrorists' plot, made sure the President was safe, rescued his wife and daughter, and still made it to the Young Guns reunion. Tony, on the other hand, risked the lives of millions of people by letting himself be controlled by terrorists. And his terrorist wasn't even Dennis Hopper. Last we heard, Tony was facing life in jail, but I think he might not make it out of this season alive. Somebody's got to bite the big one, and I'm sad to say that Tony deserves it.

I would also like to take a moment to express my admiration for Chloe, who turned out to be my favorite non-Kiefer character of the season. Sure, she's dorky as hell, and sticks her nose in everyone's business, and refuses to just shut up and do her work, but have you noticed that Chloe has been right about everything, all season long? I like how Chloe inserts some reality into such an over the top show: Chloe always reacts to the insane things that happen on 24 with total incredulity and disbelief, pretty much like you or I would if we were on this show. Of course, since she is the only normal character, all the other, mental characters react to her with total irritation and hatred, which I guess we're supposed to feel too (like Tony and his "I'm getting real tired of your personality" line. So mean!) I also liked that difficult scene in which she told Adam to get with the program and do his job without screwing everything up if he was going to decide to stay in the office after he found out his sister was going to die of the hideous skin-eating disease.

Note that Fox has started producing a very cheesy talk show for fans--the actress that plays Chloe was the guest last week. You may also remember her as the Space Nerd Girl from Dude, Where's My Car?

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