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June 21, 2004


Get This Man a Stylist!

Two fashion mistakes in one week from our beloved ex-President, but we love him anyway. First, he attends the unveiling of his official portrait wearing the same outfit he has on in the painting. Then he shows up for his interview with Dan Rather and 60 Minutes wearing eye-grabbing, tacky, red-and-blue* Nike sneakers.

We know Bill has been responsible for inspiring American cultural trends before -- the finger wag and the old cigar-shoved-in-pussy move, to name a few -- so could it be he's looking to trendset again by becoming Nike's latest celebrity spokesmodel?

Well, let's help him out a little bit: we spent some time mucking with Nike's Flash-powered shoe configurator, and were able to duplicate Bill's 60 Minutes footwear. The ingredients:

  • Start with a pair of Nike Shox R4iD running shoes.
  • Choose "Midnight Navy" for your base color.
  • Choose "Comet Red" for your accent color.
  • Choose "Comet Red" again for your column color.
  • Add a custom inscription such as "Bubba" or "Blow Me." [figure 1]
  • Take a look at the finished product.
Now all you have to do is shell out a mere $165, and those kicks are yours...you'll leave Rather in your dust as you lead him on a tour through that gigantic library being built in your honor.

*Is the color imbalance on his shoes meant as a coded prediction of the upcoming election? He's sent subliminal messages via his wardrobe before.

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