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June 17, 2004


Girls and their Daddies +

Father痴 Day is this coming Sunday, which means I've been spending some time in the local drugstore looking for a thoughtful card. Father痴 Day can be a challenge for me, since most cards focus on golf (which my dad doesn稚 play), or lawn-mowing (which is, frankly, lame to put on a card).

But this year I noticed something new. When a girl buys a card for her dad today, she痴 got two choices:

1) To Daddy from your Pretty Princess [flash]
These cards generally are pink, with pictures of hugging father/daughter bunnies, and contain icky messages like 典o my favorite special Daddy�I wuv you! From your special fairy glitter princess kitten�.

These cards will also often include a jive poem in flowery script.

2) Ka-ching! [flash]
This card says something like 滴ey Dad, you know why I love you? Because you fix my car and give me money! Haha � just kidding! So, can I have some money?�

Sometimes, this card will humorously use a dollar sign instead of an S [flash]. In one instance, the father in question was represented by a robot/ATM, with dollar bills shooting out of a slot in his midsection.

I can't speak as knowledgeably to the types of cards available for sons, but a brief survey indicated that they mostly deal with bathroom usage, barbecue, and the ever-popular, money.

Is this really the relationship we have with the men who raised us? Who's giving us the idea that dads are only good for money?

Now, we should take our cues from a man like Jeb Bush, who understands that �the primary role of fatherhood is defined by love.� And as we all know, Jeb's daddy loves him very very much. -Emily

A recent piece in The Guardian entitled "To My Useless, Lazy Dad on Father's Day" describes a similar phenomena in this year's crop of cards. Their theory is that we express affection for our mothers with hugs and kisses and conservative, sentimental cards, while we make jokes to show our love for our fathers, ususally at their expense. Don't embarrass your father with hokey, lovey stuff, just tell him he sucks at home appliance repair and drinks too much! Love ya, Dad! -Amy

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