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July 13, 2004


Battle of the Network Stars

At last, the marriage of two favorite topics on Amy's Robot - politics and tv!

The NY Times announces the prime time lineup for the Democratic and Republican conventions. This election year, each party will get only three hours of prime time coverage, one hour for each night of their convention (10:00 pm to 11:00 pm).

So how are our politicians going to make those precious hours count? Here is an episode guide:

Monday, July 26: Bill Clinton
Tuesday: The O.C., no convention coverage
Wednesday, July 28: John Edwards
Thursday, July 29: John Kerry

Tuesday, August 30: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Wednesday, August 31: Dick Cheney
Thursday, September 1: George W. Bush

Of course, your favorite cable news stations will be carrying all the convention you can handle, including family drama worthy of an E! True Hollywood Story. The Republicans are hauling out a tribute to Ronald Reagan, although Ron Reagan Jr. is addressing the Democrats. And California's first lady will attend the Democratic convention to see Uncle Ted honored, even though her husband stole the big-name special guest star spot away from contenders like Rudy Giuliani (curious, considering the Bush camp's love of 9/11 imagery) and John McCain.

It's a Political Sweeps Week so exciting, you may not even mind missing Law & Order: SVU!

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