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July 13, 2004


George Clooney: Non-Stop Party Fiend

Is it just me, or have George Clooney and the cast of Ocean's 12 been partying like wild animals for the last year and a half? Almost every day, the gossip sites talk about the throngs of fans surrounding Clooney's Lake Como villa, the priest who tried to fend them off, and the stars jetting off to Monaco to party with Grand Prix racers. The weekly celebrity news tabloids have been running photo spreads of wild celebrity-infested yacht parties and general debauchery.

Well, last month the cast and crew had their final blowout at the wrap party, which was so hotly anticipated that it was apparently held the day before the final scenes were even shot. The party cost almost half a million dollars, and here's what WENN reports was consumed: "the party-goers drank their way through 700 bottles of Jack Daniels, 650 bottles of Courvoisier cognac, 2,000 magnums of Krug champagne and dozens of local Italian spirits."

That's over 3,000 bottles of liquor. I believe every word!

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