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July 30, 2004


DNC Second Stage

Just like a big music festival, the Democratic convention featured some lesser acts that didn稚 receive as much media attention. In an effort to bring you the widest DNC coverage possible, Amy痴 Robot is compelled to mention that some of our favorite Texans were also represented in Boston.

Clearly, the most important Texan to speak was The O.C.痴 own Benjamin McKenzie, on Tuesday evening. Ryan痴 support is particularly moving, since the Cohen family will surely lose their tax cut under a Kerry administration � but it痴 a compromise he値l make to ensure that his knocked-up girlfriend and unborn child in Chino can have health insurance. Can anyone argue with such a convincing speaker? Well, maybe one person.

Our favorite second stage moment comes from spicy former Texas Governor Ann Richards, who told it like it is at a DNC event for Emily痴 List:

"You know�for American women in a Republican majority, their president has been like a marriage that's gone from bad to worse. You know the story. The guy has a great line, he's sort of cute, he tells you that life together will be bliss, and then in a few years he's snoring on the couch while the TV blares on the fifth football game of the day and the neighbors are screaming about the yard that never gets mowed, and there's a car up on blocks in the driveway, and your household budget is just stretched to the limit, and he's spending all the money on hunting trips, a new shotgun and a camo jumpsuit, and you're standing there at the sink thinking, 'I must have been out of my mind!' So here we are, almost four years past our shotgun wedding with this White House, and like we say in Texas: Honey, it's time to split the sheets and sign the legal papers."

Go, Texas!

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