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August 16, 2004


Who'dat?™: Surprising Celebrity Intersections

We've been playing Who'Dat?™ a lot lately. Remember how it works? We give you a picture of a celebrity in which the celebrity is sort of hard to recognize, and you have to guess who it is.

When you think you know, click the picture to see if you are right.


This one's tricky because of the mask, and because this is her Who'dat? debut, but you should be able to get it.

There are some interesting trends in guesses that we have noticed in casual polling with this picture that we discuss in the next section of this post. You can continue reading by clicking on the link below. Make your guesses before you continue reading! We don't want to give the game away, after all.

ps. pic via alaina

So far, everybody who has seen this photo (and by "everybody" I mean "Emily and I") has made the following two guesses, in this order:

1) Bjork
2) Kirsten Dunst

While the fact that we both guessed correctly made me consider not using this photo in a round of Who'Dat?, since I thought it just might be too easy, the recurring Kirsten Dunst guess more than made up for this. Objectively speaking, do Bjork and Kirsten Dunst look anything like each other? Not really. But wait... those wide cheekbones, that pale complexion. Maybe they actually look more alike than you might guess. And Kirsten does occassionally wear wacky, ill-advised outfits. Perhaps in another 10 years or so, when everybody has given up on Kirsten as a legitimate actress, she'll come out with a knockout starring role in a searing biopic of Bjork, stun the world with her intensity and acting chops, and lead everyone to wonder why she ever stooped to the level of Get Over It, a la Charlize Theron.

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