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October 19, 2004


The Most Important November Event +

the oc

I know all you Amy's Robot readers are thinking "Election whatever. Where's our O.C. coverage, bitch?"

It's funny you should say that, because our staff is feeling the same way. Sure, we've been enjoying a couple of fall television offerings, but they just don't offer the delicious satisfaction of The O.C. Is John Edwards' floppy hair as cute as Ryan's? No way. When Bush makes up or misuses words, is it anywhere near as charming as when Seth Cohen does it intentionally? Definitely not. And to my knowledge, there has not been a single fistfight during this campaign that has ended with someone falling into a pool.

People, if you can just hang on for two more weeks, The O.C. second season premieres on November 4, at 8pm. (Remember to set recording devices appropriately; it is now on Thursday nights).

In the meantime, here is a little something to take the edge off:

Benjamin McKenzie has followed up his appearance at the Democratic Convention by speaking at college campuses in support of Kerry.

A handy guide to the language of The O.C., mostly Seth Cohenisms like "minty" and "ridonkulous".

The US Weekly spread of this season's 4 new characters, including Nicholas Gonzalez as Marissa's sexy shirtless gardener. (I know! I was also freaked out that this season would feature an actual person of color - but he's the gardener, so it's totally ok.) -Emily

While I am still skittish about this new season of The O.C. after the slow descent into boring teen drama crap at the end of last season, the show's impact on the pop culture universe has been impressive. We recently heard from the Gompertz family, who have developed a greeting card business and forum for personal stories for those families with members of different faiths, based on Seth Cohen's interfaith "Chrismukkah" holiday. Our favorite card is the one featuring "Merryshewitz" Kosher Fruit Cake. So look, Josh Schwartz, you've created a discriminating fan base. Don't disappoint us. We expect to see many more episodes chosen by the snippy Parents Television Council as the "Worst of the Week" for families, an honor that was deservedly won by one of last season's better episodes, which featured gambling, prostitutes, strippers, cat fighting (ending with the ladies falling into a pool, as Emily noted above,) teen pregnancy and underage drinking! And feel free to use as many posses of fireman-themed strippers as you want next season. -Amy

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