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October 19, 2004


Hillary at Chelsea-Clinton

hillary at chelsea

We've been waiting for this moment since we first noticed the Chelsea-Clinton Community Health Center, the funniest unintentional ex-First Family reference in NYC, while walking along 10th Avenue in 2000. The clinic is named for the two neighborhoods it serves, Chelsea and Clinton (the real estate broker's name for Hell's Kitchen), but it still makes us snicker every time we see it. Finally, Senator Hillary made a visit to her daughter's almost eponymous health center to slam Bush for not securing enough of the flu vaccine (press release about her speech here) and NY1 captured the moment.

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Did you see Bush blaming Kerry for the vaccine controversy? And this:

"Bush has blamed the vaccine shortage in part on lawsuits, a common theme as he talks about health policy."

Unbelievable. He tried doing it in passing in the 3rd debate*, too. They keep saying how the vaccines aren't plentiful enough because of fear of lawsuits. BUT THE VACCINES WERE CONTAMINATED and if people had gotten sick from them IT'S THE REPUBLICANS WHO WANT TO PREVENT YOU FROM SUING THE MANUFACTURER OF THE VACCINES. In fact, this is even a part of the Bush campaign's platform!!

And yesterday, as a response to the Hillary thing, the White House blamed Bill Clinton!! Really!

*And he suggested in that weird tone of his that the drugs were dangerous because they were from another country. BUT CHIRON IS AN AMERICAN COMPANY.

Posted by: sr at October 19, 2004 6:05 PM

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