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November 1, 2004


New York Times Op-Ed Freakout

Bless the New York Times, with their columnists so full of rage and frustration. The Times op-ed page has reached such a boiling point that Friday's paper offered these cheerful thoughts:

Krugman, Bush has totally, irreparably fucked up this country.
Herbert, Our troops are dying and the government doesn't care
Birkett, There's an island in the Pacific where little girls are systemically raped.

Perhaps due to the burst appendixes and aneurysms of regular columnists, the Times has chosen today to include the election experiences of three novelists who live in swing states:

Charles Baxter, Minnesota
Dan Chaon, Ohio
Tony Hillerman, New Mexico

There's also an interesting piece by Barnes & Noble chair Leonard Riggio on book sales of the politically left and right. 95% of humor books are left leaning, and liberal books sell at lower price points.

Of course, if you just want some good old-fashioned vitriol, you can still read today's Herbert column, "Days of Shame".

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