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November 1, 2004


Vote on the Working Families Party line

A public service announcement for all you New York State readers out there. When you go to vote tomorrow, you'll notice that next to the Democratic Party row, the Republican row, the Conservative row, and the Independence row, there is Row E: the Working Families Party row. You can vote for Kerry/Edwards on this row, as well as for Chuck Schumer for Senator. Voting on the WFP row counts just as much as if you voted for these same candidates on the Democratic row, but it also sends a message about progressive political values. It shows your support for the issues that the WFP fights for: living wage jobs, affordable housing, universal health care, better public education, and other social and economic justice issues.

The reason that you can vote for the same candidate on more than one party line is because New York State uses fusion voting, in which a candidates can be the nominee of more than one political party. This method allows voters to show support for other parties, without the "wasted vote" problem in tight election years. So if you vote for Kerry on the WFP line, your vote still counts just as much as if you voted for him on the Democratic line, but it also helps build support and power for third parties with progressive agendas. Take a look at the WFP's issues and their history and strategy, and if these ideas appeal to you, consider showing your support when you vote tomorrow.

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