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January 31, 2005


NUMB3RS: 790 Math, 380 Verbal

numbers misspelling

It was bad enough that I had suffered through 40 minutes of the pretentious, pseudo-intellectual, hackneyed dreck that is NUMB3RS, but it became unbearable once the lead math hunk started telling his brother how something didn't add up -- there was an ANOMALY in the numbers, he kept saying. ANOMALY! ANOMALY! And then, to emphasize the point, we get an extreme close-up of the word ANOMALY. Except, of course, it was spelled wrong.

How many people viewed the misspelling before it aired? 12? 24? 100? Inexcusable.

Since "everything is numbers," allow me to employ the following expression to summarize the show:

((P + T) / F) - 2M = R


Variable Definition Value
P Personifications of numbers/math/formulas/data 30
T Tedious moments 30
F Fake formulas flying across the screen (per hour) 60
M Misspellings 1
√R Reasons for watching this show Solve for √R.

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Yes, but my wife likes it.

Posted by: Neil at February 4, 2005 3:55 AM

Watch the season finale episode, they nicely tie this up while playing a game of friendly scrabble at the end of the show. It is totally believable that a math genius is not a perfect speller, anyway. So go eat yourself.

Posted by: Not an error at May 24, 2005 11:48 AM

It is part of the plot line, actually. The "math hunk" is a genius mathematician who can't spell. You may not have enjoyed the show, but a lot of math teachers and simply intelligent people are enjoying it on a weekly basis. You might want to give the show another chance. (And frankly, consider toning down your own pretentiousness just a tad.)

Posted by: mmeacham@impactlearning.net at June 29, 2005 10:25 AM

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