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March 22, 2005


McCain sucks it up for Bush

The beleaguered John McCain has emerged from his world of tears once again to support the President, this time by expressing support for Bush's social security overhaul.

Actually, he didn't exactly come out in unambiguous favor of the Bush plan, which cuts benefits to all recipients of Social Security, especially the disabled and children whose parents die young. What McCain said at the rally is this: "I say to our Democrat friends: Come and sit down at the table and let us work together to save the safety net for future generations of Americans. The door is open to the White House and on the Republican side of the aisle. We must do this together. We know how much money is coming in. We know how much money is going out. Does anybody believe we should wait — we should wait until there's no money that we have to cut off people's Social Security checks?"

Translation: "Hi, Democrats? You wanna help me out here? This guy is CRAZY! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" just like poor Catherine Martin screaming at Jodie Foster from the bottom of Jame Gumb's well of torture.

But Bush is glad to get any time on stage with McCain in which he plasters that tight smile on his face and mouths words of half-hearted support. Photos from the event show that polite but weary-looking McCain we've seen so many times before.

McCain smiling

But in an unguarded moment, McCain can't help but show the world what a horror his life has become, as he winces in anguish at how the ideals of his party have become warped beyond recognition.

McCain grimace

Poor John McCain!

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