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March 6, 2005


Straphangers Weigh In on New Bravo Season

Not since the great Osama/Kerry debate of fall 2004 have so many Sharpie™-owning citizens weighed in on a single topic. Is it the Iraqi elections that have Brooklynites so fired up? The privatization of Social Security? The new Ikea in Red Hook?

No, it is something far more contentious: Bravo's joint advertising campaign for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and new companion show, Queer Eye for the Straight Girl. Professional critics have also been divided on the issue: while Tom Shales calls Girl "moving", the New York Post dismisses it as "pathetically shallow." But the folks waiting for the Manhattan-bound F train have their own opinions:

queer eye poster

While some are concerned about religious issues,

queer eye poster grafitti

others are more upset about the shows' family values.

your mother's balls

Some offer inexplicable commentary:

queer eye poster grafitti
queer eye poster grafitti strange

While some go for the obvious:

loves the cock

And some people just have a whole lot to say:

queer eye poster grafitti

While the nearby FreshDirect posters and movie ads remain untouched, every day brings a new addition in the Queer Eye culture wars. If this is how the good people of Brooklyn respond to a simple makeover show, I can't even imagine what a subway ad for legalized gay marriage would look like.

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