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December 5, 2005


An Urgent Plea

Hey all you network and basic cable television producers? Hi. I need your help.

Television is, in concept, a wonderful thing. Endlessly varied and extensive programming beaming directly into our homes 24 hours a day is one of the things that makes life worth living. I don't think this is even up for debate.

But let me tell you my problem. Here is a list of the TV shows in current broadcast that haven't already been slated for cancellation that I watch:

  • Lost


WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE SOME TV SHOWS THAT ARE WORTH WATCHING? For crying out loud. I love television. You've got to help me over here.

Arrested Development has a measly 8 episodes left before it is gone from the world forever. If we're very lucky, maybe PAX or USA or someone will pick it up further down the road. 24 is coming back to FOX on January 15, but this is probably going to be the season where this show is so consistently terrible for so long that I can finally let my sad little flickering candle of love for 24 just die forever.

Lately ADM and I have been watching the DVD of Profit, a FOX show from 1996 that was cancelled after 4 episodes, and it is about a thousand times better and cooler and more promising than any other drama now on TV, except for maybe Lost, and only 8 episodes of this damn show were ever made!

So please. For the love of God. Get it together and make some shows that I can watch, PLEASE.

Note: Arrested Development returns to FOX tonight at 8:00 for the remainder of its run. If you haven't indicated your support for the future of this show on Save Arrested Development!, get on over there!

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well i think the larger issue is sort of like the 2004 presidential

this is not clearly phrased at all but it's like, it's not that hard to find a decent democratic presidential candidate, but the powers-that-be are so afraid that america won't like the quality dem they throw up some crappy candidate because they think people will like it. but they still hate it. and they vote for bush, the lowest common denominator.

here this is clearer:

but the thing is, the vast majority of people don't WANT decent tv/presidential candidates. they want simple crap that they can understand. and that's why profit and AD get cancelled and every other crappy show does really well.

Posted by: ADM at December 5, 2005 2:49 PM

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