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December 9, 2005


Lieberman grills whitewasher

Remember that story from a few months ago about a Bureau of Justice Statistics report which showed that, while drivers of different races get pulled over at the same rates, black and Latino drivers are much more often searched and handcuffed? The woman was who overseeing the statistics bureau, Tracy Henke, wanted that bit of information to be deleted from the press release about the report, and the then-director who kicked up a fuss about it got demoted, then resigned.

Well, now Tracy Henke is being considered for a position in the Dept. of Homeland Security, where she would be assistant secretary for state and local disaster preparedness. Given the recent performance of our nation's disaster preparedness forces, I don't think we need any more people in charge who like to pretend that racial discrimination doesn't exist in this country.

Anyway, good old Joe Lieberman is asking Henke some questions about her editing skills as a part of her confirmation hearing. He said he feared that Henke's actions "may have undermined the office's reputation for objectivity and independence."

Yeah! Fight that promotion, Lieberman! And if anyone asks you, please don't agree to run the Dept. of Defense. You would never stop throwing up.

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