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February 28, 2006


Arts and Crafts: Apple's Intel commercial mashed up with Cronenberg's Scanners +


You heard about the Intel-based Mac minis that came out today? How about last month's kerfuffle over Apple's Intel ad, which is derived from a Postal Service video by the same directors?

That stuff is cool, but not as cool as David Cronenberg's 1981 sci-fi classic Scanners, in which people can telepathically explode each other's heads.

Which is why I've mashed up Apple's Intel ad with video from the "clean room" scenes in Scanners:

If you play it side-by-side with the original Apple ad, you'll note that it matches pretty much frame-for-frame.


  • Right-click the links and choose "Save as..." to download the videos. (For some reason, they tend to crash my PC when I try to view them directly in the browser. Sorry if this happens to you.)
  • Download the latest version of Quicktime if you can't play the video.
  • Besides lots of editing and a couple dissolves, I didn't alter any of the shots, except to slow some of them them down and, in one case, I reversed the camera motion.
  • I made it on my Mac using free/open source software software like Handbrake and free-ish software like MPEG Streamclip and iMovie.

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O.K. Now yours was the best. Way cool. And your notice at the end, very funny.

Obvously both the later commercials were patterned off of Scanners whether consciously or not.

Believe it, or Don't.


Posted by: The Peter Files Blog of Comedy at March 17, 2006 6:44 AM

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