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February 16, 2006


Just what every family wants at their son's funeral: Colin Farrell.

In a new low of cheap exploitation of real grief and loss, a film crew from upcoming Colin Farrell movie about the NYPD, Pride and Glory, showed up at Monday's funeral of NYPD officer Eric Hernandez in White Plains and filmed the procession at St. Bernard's Church. Hernandez is the 24 year-old cop who was shot while off-duty by a fellow cop who didn't know who he was, after being beaten by a group of men at a White Castle.

Hernandez was allegedly scheduled to be an extra in the movie, and when the producers learned of his death, they wanted to get some footage of the funeral to use as a guide in creating a police funeral scene in the movie. But they didn't think to mention their plans to the family until afterwards.

"I didn't even know who Colin Farrell was. I don't know how I feel about this," said Eric's father Efrain Hernandez, who says he didn't give permission for Colin Farrell to attend the funeral or for a camera crew to film. His mother and aunt called the filming exploitative.

One the upside, the film producers are paying for Hernandez's headstone. And they're going to do a little tribute to him at the end of the movie, which I guess now he could appear in after all, though posthumously. How sentimental.

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