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October 26, 2006


The State of Network TV

30 Rock

OK, it's time to say something definitive about television this fall. Here it is:

There is exactly one (1) funny show on network tv this fall.* And that show is 30 Rock.

I wasn't wild about the premiere, but the last two episodes have been great. Did you watch it last night? If you missed it, you can watch it on the NBC site for free. It's good. The blind date set-up, the poker games, and Alec Baldwin's fantastic Hannibal Lecter-derived speech to the page, about him growing up in his mama's tract house in Stone Mountain, GA, "you dreamed of making it all the way to En-Bee-Cee."

Awesome. I can't believe how many good jokes they get into 22 minutes.

The Office doesn't seem as funny this year, even with the addition of Ed Helms. So it's 30 Rock or nothing, people.

*ADM interjects: Ugly Betty is pretty funny too, but it's hard for me to watch (personal reasons).

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Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan are both pure genius on this show. Some of it feels a bit forced (the choking jokes) but Alec and Tracy are consistently great. More Rachel Dratch would help.

Posted by: cushie at October 26, 2006 3:23 PM

I love Ugly Betty! Dexter is very funny, if also very dark.

Posted by: Lia Bulaong at October 27, 2006 1:16 AM

I have now decided that they need to keep the show around long enough for Alec Baldwin to get an Emmy. Then maybe the audience will grow. Any show that references Ann Coulter's 60th birthday luncheon is OK with me.

Posted by: cushie at November 11, 2006 11:58 PM

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