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November 19, 2007


Eli Roth's Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving poster

Eli Roth hasn't offered any definite information on his Thanksgiving trailer being made into a full-length movie yet. The gross-out trailer [video] ran between the two movies of Grindhouse in the original double-feature theater release, before it got split in two for DVD, which destroyed the cool two-for-one concept that was the basis of the whole project.

Anyway, the fake trailers were a great part of the original movie. My personal favorite is Robert Rodriguez's own Machete [video]; rumors swirl on the IMDb message board about whether or not this one is going to be made into a full-length.

And while Roth isn't promising anything about a second helping of Thanksgiving, he is selling timely merchandise for it! You can buy a t-shirt and a poster at Hot Topic, while you're shopping for your pink rubber spiky fingerless gloves.

While this sure sounds like a cheap ploy to make money for a project you're not actually doing, in this case, I think merchandise for a movie that doesn't exist is just fine. Trailers are often a lot better than the movies they promote (did you see Running With Scissors? Ugh. And the trailer was so funny, too) and maybe some concepts should only last for three minutes.

More exciting news is that Roth says he's working on a collection of trailers called Trailer Trash. As he writes on his MySpace blog, "Why make a whole movie when you can just go film the best parts?"

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