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August 7, 2003


NYT on that Chinese guy

NYT on that Chinese guy in Queens who stole money/identities by installing keystroke loggers on the computers at Kinko's. One guy had his home computer invaded, while he watched:

He walked over to the computer and watched as the mouse moved around the screen, opening up files and searching, as if they were dresser drawers that might harbor cash. Like a determined sleuth, Victim 1 resisted the urge to stop the rogue cursor, and instead watched it move. "I sat there as this person opened my CV, and some documents in other files, and got my Social Security and credit card numbers," he said. Armed with the data, the phantom user dialed up a bill-paying service called Neteller and opened an account in Victim 1's name. The virtual intruder's next stop was the Web site for American Express. There, Victim 1 saw his credit card information being entered on the screen.
The hacker, such as he was, used a product called Invisible KeyLogger Stealth to capture keystrokes at the Kinko's machines. Now he's going to Prison ForHackers Jail.

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