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September 22, 2003


Everybody Either Likes or Doesn't Like the Smoking Ban

According to a poll commissioned by the American Cancer Society And Tobacco-Free Kids, New Yorkers support the smoking ban by a 70-27 margin when asked this question: "Earlier this year a law went into effect prohibiting smoking in all workplaces in New York City, including offices, restaurants and bars. Would you say that you support or oppose the law?"

However, according to a poll conducted by NY's Conservative Party, 63% of city voters agreed with this statement: "The politicians went too far when they enacted a total ban on smoking in restaurants and bars."

Apparently, people like not being able to smoke in bars, restaurants, and offices more than they like not being able to smoke only in restaurants and bars.

Maybe they should follow the model of anti-abortion/pro-life groups (formerly "pro-death" and "anti-choice", respectively) and agree on the language that surrounds the issues. Like just asking people, "Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I like cancer."

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