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November 4, 2003


24: The Nothing Episode

24Not much going on in last night's ep. One good thing that happens is Kim tells Kiefer about her relationship with Chase, Jack's partner. I was worried that waiting for her to do so was supposed to be "suspenseful" and we'd have to keep watching her amble distractedly around her dad's office every week waiting to tell him about her new boyfriend while the world is getting ready to end and everybody all around her is freaking out about trivial stuff like, you know, people's lives.

We also get a Whopper of the Week (to borrow a phrase from Slate). 24 is infamous for its ridiculous plot twists that seem never to correspond with the rules of reality, and this week's 24 Whopper is no exception: there's another mole at CTU. He's got his secret double-agent office set up right inside CTU HQ this time and everything. You'd think after the debacles with Chili Pepper and Nina in season one CTU would spend 5 minutes running a background check on all its new employees, and maybe take a second to figure out what that suspicious blue glow coming from the janitor's closet is all about. No such luck. The double agent doesn't seem too interested in being logical, either: he has about 6 giant flat screens monitoring the goings-on inside offices that are literally 10 feet away from him.

We also learn that President Palmer's white girlfriend has something in her past that "could be damaging to all of us" but we'll have to wait til next week to find out what. Maybe I was being too optimistic that 24 would offer the world a guilt- and consequence-free interracial relationship: turns out the white lady could be bad news after all.

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