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November 5, 2003


Superman, Like Fonzie, Attempts to Jump Shark

Remember a couple years ago when everybody was like "Jump the shark! Jump the shark!" and everything, no matter what it was, was jumping the shark? Buffy jumped the shark, Tom Brokaw jumped the shark, J. Lo's ass jumped the shark, etc? We couldn't get enough of jumping the shark. And then all of a sudden you never really heard that phrase anymore? Did things just get better or stay the same? Or did jumping the shark jump the shark? Or worse, did saying "jump the shark jumped the shark" jump the shark?

Anyway, jump-the-sharkers may be given new hope with tonight's episode of Smallville, a show I haven't watched since it jumped the shark in the middle of the pilot episode. Here's what happens: Clark finds "a kryptonian medallion that allows him see bits of the past," including some preparations his father Jor-El made for him. According to the promo I heard on the radio this morning, much of the episode is a period piece involving Clark and Lana in "a past life" in which they share a connection even stronger than what they have nowadays. Wow, that sounds like a very special episode. Who plays his father? Ted McGinley?

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