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August 11, 2004


There's no information in your information

Remember in Say Anything, when a frustrated Joan Cusack tells her brother 'there's no food in your food'? That's kind of the way I feel whenever I read 'new' security information. Take this Washington Times article (now picked up by Reuters, et al) that manages to curl your stomach while simultaneously offering no information of any kind. All emphasis is mine:

"U.S. intelligence officials say a high-profile political assassination, triggered by the public release of a new message from Osama bin Laden, will lead off the next major al Qaeda terrorist attack'the killing could be carried out against a U.S. or foreign leader either in the United States or abroad."

"The planning for the attacks to follow involves "multiple targets in multiple venues'"

"U.S. intelligence officials said they think that several al Qaeda terrorists already in the United States are part of the plot, although their identities and locations are not known'"

"The al Qaeda attack plans call for bombings using trucks and cars, and hijacked aircraft, including commercial airliners and helicopters...."

That's our administration, always there to protect us by causing panic, leaking the names of undercover operatives to the press, and pissing off every other country that's trying to fight terrorism.

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