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September 10, 2004


Light Friday Reading

I realize the 'bot has been a bit of a downer lately, what with all our yapping about the President and the war and security issues and protestors and all the other things we worry about between television seasons. So, here's a little present for you from last week's New York magazine, answering the question: What does it take to get a celebrity to appear at the Republican convention?

Eric Wippo posed as an RNC talent wrangler to pitch various publicists some ideas like this one:

Eric Wippo: Hi, I left you a message about the Olsens presenting the Bush twins?
Publicist: Yes, I got it. Let me say how flattering it is to be asked. The problem is, they aren't really doing anything right now. Mary-Kate just got out of a treatment facility a few days ago, and she won't be making any public appearances for a couple of weeks. Of course, she's doing very, very well...

That's good to hear.
I just saw her yesterday. She looks great. But it's probably too soon for something that high-profile. Plus, frankly, the girls have fans across all spectrums, so they tend not to get involved in political events. And while the president is the president, I don't think that's something that they're well-advised to do.

But the cool part about it was them being twins, like the Bush daughters!
You don't have to persuade me. I think it's a brilliant idea, just brilliant, and those Bush girls are beautiful. It makes perfect sense. It would be a wonderful picture.

Didn't Mary-Kate play a Republican in New York Minute?
Actually, that was Ashley.

Naturally, this was my personal favorite:

My name is Eric. I'm calling from the Republican National Convention. As you may know, the president is a big fan of Lionel Richie, and we were hoping he'd honor us with a song...The concept is that Lionel would perform a duet with Nick Lachey, Mr. Jessica Simpson. We'd love them to sing a duet of "Ebony and Ivory."
What? But that's not even his song.

I know, but we thought in the spirit of unity and racial--
That's a Michael Jackson [?? - Emily] song. Lionel would want to do his own song.

Like "Dancing on the Ceiling"?
Maybe not that. But it's hard to ask someone as prolific as Lionel Richie, who has sold 100 million albums, to sing somebody else's song...

That's the thing. The nation is very divided, which is why we thought a song like "Ebony and Ivory" would help start the healing.
Maybe. But as I said, it's a little insulting to ask someone like Lionel Richie to sing somebody else's song.


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