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October 28, 2004


Red Sox Win World Series; New England Celebrates, Suffers Immediate Identity Crisis

red sox win world series

New England Catholics, especially, will have to ask themselves, "Now what are we supposed to suffer for?"

AXT predicts: we'll all become Unitarians.

But maybe Sox fans will continue to define themselves by suffering. My dad, born in 1928 and a life-long Sox fan, said during our conversation last night (the same conversation that all other Red Sox fans were having with their dads), "Well, we just have to make sure that Steinbrenner doesn't steal all our players during the off-season." I told him, well, I think since we just won the series for the first time in 86 years, maybe we could stand a few "lean years." But my dad wasn't having any of that. Emily reports her grandfather was the same way.

Maybe its a generational thing: my Dad's been defining himself by the Sox suffering for so long, maybe his neurosis has somehow mutated into a win-resistant virus. Since it's only been about 30 years for me, maybe I can recover with a little bit of post-season therapy.

Also, I thought it was incredibly funny/ironic/fitting that dumbass Mayor Menino, prohibited Fox cameras from broadcasting from Boston bars, forcing Fox to install its cameras in another city loaded with Red Sox fans: NEW YORK. What a sad, sad commentary on the pettiness of Boston. Here they are a win away from..., etc., etc., and Menino is such a fuck-up he won't even let his citizens celebrate properly or publicly (without killing them), prompting a national TV network to move coverage of supporters to the home city of the team's ARCH-RIVAL. Unbelievable.

Somehow Fox managed to sneak cameras into one Boston bar and showed about 10 seconds of live action in the 9th inning, I guess figuring the mayor wouldn't be able to track them down at that point.

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It's almost to surreal to comprehend.

Posted by: cushie at October 28, 2004 10:06 AM

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