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April 26, 2005


May all your Chloe dreams come true

Chloe goes commando

I knew there was a reason I liked that Chloe.

After the tedium of the last two months in which not much has happened, and all the characters spend hours and hours talking about the nothing that is happening, last night's episode of 24 was a huge relief. Last week's episode was typical of the usual mid-season slump that hits the series every year. I mean, the only people doing anything interesting have been the terrorists, who have managed to steal a stealth jet, shoot down Air Force One, steal the Field Guide to North American Nuclear Weapons, and locate and hijack a nuclear warhead in the time that it took the people over at CTU to figure out that things are still sort of tense and awkward between Soul Patch and Michelle and that Curtis is woefully underused. Snore!

It hasn't helped that the White House storyline is similarly slow and uneventful. Even now that President Palmer is back on the scene, I can't be too hopeful for the rest of the season, because his scenes are always the dullest, most unnecessarily drawn out parts of the show. At least he's less jowly than VP Logan-turned-President Logan. What a thankless role that guy has. "OK, in this scene, you're going to play insecure, pathetic, timid, and ineffectual!"

Anyway, as soon as Chloe got called up to go into the field and decode the files on the radicalized laptop, I said, "Man, I hope she gets to shoot somebody." A character with as much hyperactive and spastic cerebral activity and as few social skills as Chloe deserves to pull an M-16 out of the back of a CTU car and totally waste her would-be assassin, continuing to spray bullets into him and his car long after he is obviously dead.

It didn't entirely make up for the gaping plot holes and inactivity of the last several weeks, but it was a start.

Here's a recent interview with Mary Lynn Rajskub about her delightful character. And also, here's this goofy video for the Armin Van Buuren remix of "The Longest Day", a trashy trance tune based on the theme music for 24. It features a lot of clips of cars blowing up, Kiefer shooting people, Kiefer throwing furniture, Kiefer punching people in the face, and Armin Van Buuren standing before a crowd of adoring club kids like he's God.

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