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April 27, 2005


Where's Jim McGreevey now? He's gone to Xanadu! +

McGreevey in Xanadu

We were proud of ex-Governor of New Jersey Jim McGreevey when he declared himself a gay American. At least, we were for about 8 minutes before the real reasons for his resignation, um, came out: political corruption, putting his boyfriend on the state payroll, and unethical fundraising.

But we still wonder what ever happened to McGreevey, now that he's divorced and out of a job and his boyfriend presumably still won't talk to him. Turns out he's working for a law firm on a deal to build Xanadu, which is being touted as a "the ultimate sports, leisure, family entertainment and shopping complex in the United States" but is basically a really big, ugly mall in North Jersey with indoor skiing and chocolate waterfalls and tacky crap like that in it.

Not surprisingly, Xanadu is a controversial plan. They recently got sued to halt construction by the Sierra Club because the developers aren't addressing the environmental damage to the Meadowlands the complex will cause, or dealing with the traffic problems it will likely create. McGreevey is apparently working on some of these community service promises that the developer made in order to secure the deal, which so far haven't been held up very well.

If he runs into any trouble with this new project, he can always turn to his strategist friends to help him get his opponents to be more cooperative.

UPDATE: McGreevey just resigned from the law firm, citing conflict of interest. He hired the development company for Xanadu when he was Governor.

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