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August 29, 2003


The VMAsThere's not a lot

The VMAs

britney kiss
There's not a lot to say about the VMA's that isn't perfectly described by ADM's edited photo above. But I will say this: for many years, the most interesting elements of MTV have been the interstitial music, the background music in their own shows, and their own promotional ads. "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior, and that Bhangra song that's captivated the world (largely thanks to Jay-Z) were some of the only interesting music involved in last night's award show, and both were used as background music. Meanwhile, we sat through THREE crappy fake-rap-R&B montage numbers where everybody on the planet jumps around onstage (men in baggy, body-covering gym clothes, women in form-fitting expensive underwear) (with the notable exception of Snoop, god bless his purple suit) and mouths the words to their tuneless songs that somebody else wrote. The lack of talent of the celebrated few was staggering. It was such a relief when Coldplay came on and actually played real instruments and sang real words that I was glad to see them, even though their songs are uninspiring and the performance was limp.

Finally: poor Britney executes yet another should-be-provocative number that felt flat and boring, this time with Madonna and Christina instead of a tiger and snake. And an especially unflattering outfit. The whole thing made me sad, but I guess I should be thankful that I didn't have to stand there after the show like John Norris and say it was like nothing I've ever seen before, when in fact, we've all seen the almost-identical, but much more exciting, Madonna performance of "Like a Virgin" from 1984 countless times. Her little white underpants flashing out as she rolled on the stage had more presence than this year's whole opening number.

But at least Missy won. Chris Rock and Metallica: thanks guys. We can always depend on you. -amy

The most interesting thing of the whole night for me, honestly, was the 'r' in Fred Durst's t-shirt. Much better than corporate lesbianism. -adm

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