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August 22, 2005


A Helpful Current Events Quiz from Ämy's Röböt

In these uncertain times™ of rapidly shifting priorities, Amy's Robot is proud to introduce a new feature: a pop quiz to test your knowledge of important happenings around the globe.

We present...

World Event, or Mötley Crüe Concert?™

Question 1: Iraqis rioting for improved public services, or "Shout at the Devil"?

a)Iraqi riot

b)Shout at the Devil

Question 2: World Youth Day, or "Home Sweet Home"?

a) Home Sweet Home

b)candles at world youth day

3) Metal detectors in Sudan, or New England?

a) land mine detection

b) Vermont metal detector

Click below for the answers

Question 1
a) An Iraqi man shouts at American devil George Bush
b) New Hampshire Crüe Fans shout at American devil Vince Neil

Question 2
a) Crüe fans raise lighters to "Home Sweet Home"
b) German pilgrims light candles for World Youth Day in their "Home Sweet Home"

Question 3
a) A United Nations contractor uses a metal detector to search for Sudanese land mines
b) A Vermont Crüe fan uses a metal detector to search for Nikki Sixx

How Did You Do?

1-3 correct: You should be ashamed of yourself! Go straight home and listen to "Dr. Feelgood"

4-5 correct: You not only rock, but also probably occasionally read a newspaper

6 correct: Mötley Fucking Crüe, man! Fuck!

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