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February 11, 2008


When do we get our TV back?

dead tv

After 3+ months of nonstop "Millionaire Matchmaker", "Deal or No Deal", and "American Gladiators", the writers' strike looks like it's finally coming to an end.

Actually, all the "American Gladiators" has been pretty awesome. And it's been a relief to know I'm not missing any important television. But this is America: we're sick of talking to each other at night, books are for putting you to sleep, and we need our scripted half-hour comedies.

Here's the latest Times status report of when and if all the network shows plan to return with new episodes. Some notable ones:

  • "30 Rock" and "The Office": a few new episodes in April or May.
  • "Ugly Betty": probably shooting a few new episodes soon.
  • "Lost": season will only be 13 episodes. [Good news, since that's about all the good material they usually come up with for a season.]
  • "24": abandoning this season all together.
  • "Heroes": probably not coming back this season.
  • "Bionic Woman": gone.
  • "Terminator": once they run out of episodes, gone until the fall. Or forever.
  • "Simpsons" and "Family Guy": have just been obliviously chugging along all this time.

Only major networks are included on the list, which prompted a lot of panicky comments from "Battlestar Galactica" fans. It comes back in March.

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