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September 5, 2007


At last, George Bush has someone to vote for

Fred Thompson at the butter princess, Minnesota State Fair

Over Labor Day weekend, the Times asked a bunch of people who they thought looked good for president. A lot of the Democrats they talked to in Iowa and New Hampshire might not have made up their minds between Hillary and Obama yet, but they have this over the Republicans: they're going to vote for somebody.

But the Republicans are screwed. Ohio and NH Republicans aren't into anybody. Even if the people interviewed for the article actually like a candidate, they talk themselves out of supporting them.

"I liked McCain, but he’s losing ground too fast to win. I don’t know if it’s his age or the war," says Nancy Adams, an "energetic 70".

Leanne Stein, 41, sort of likes Giuliani. "He’s got style, and he has firsthand experience with how to run government in a way that deals with terrorism. But he needs someone to coach him on all the issues. All he talks about is terrorism. What about health care? What about education?"

Wayne Horton, 53, likes Romney, but assumes he won't get the nomination because he's a Mormon, and has nothing good to say about anyone else: "Giuliani, he’s pro-abortion. It’s hard for me to believe that he’s a Republican front-runner. Giuliani’s children aren’t even supporting him. He’s had three wives. I don’t like that." And McCain "never impressed me, anyway. He comes from Arizona, where he let all the immigrants walk in with no repercussions."

That leaves D.A. Arthur Branch who's looking like the best choice out there for Republicans, mostly because voters don't like anybody else, and his campaign hasn't really started yet. He's finally announcing tomorrow.

The thing about Thompson is, he's the only front-runner candidate in either party who is a white, Protestant man, which is all our stupid country seems capable of electing. I bet that George Bush, when he finally endorses somebody, will get behind Thompson. Plus, he's 6' 5" and was in Die Hard 2. Unless Giuliani transforms himself into a charming southern non-denominationalist, I think Thompson's going to take it.

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