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December 14, 2006


You are no longer responsible for getting speeding tickets: it's your sign's fault

speeding ticket

In a new study comparing drviers' records with their astrological sign, a Canadian (of course) insurance quote company InsuranceHotline.com has found, incredibly, that your star sign is a better predictor of how many tickets and accidents you will get than your age or what postal code you live in.

"I was absolutely shocked by the results," said company president Lee Romanov. "I wasn't believing in it before, but I would think twice before getting into a car with an Aries."

The report surveyed the records of 100,000 North American drivers over 6 years. It's called Car Carma, and identifies Pisces as the worst sign for tickets, and Libra the worst for accidents (Romanov says this is because they are too busy being "indecisive" and "seeking driver approval" to watch where they're going), with Geminis and Leos the best, respectively (Leos have to be the best, she says, because of their "huge egos").

Now hold the phone, lady. Amy's Robot may be a very small sample size, but the incidence of tickets and accidents from this contributor (Libra) as compared to that of other contributors (both Leos)--well, there's just no contest. A certain Leo I know had to make a trip to the impound lot in Greenpoint not so long ago to pick up the car that was seized due to an abundance of unpaid tickets (see illustration above), while this Libra has gotten only one (1) speeding ticket in her entire life, and that was only because the New Hampshire highway system had sneakily changed speed limits while she was away at college. There's a similar gap in each sign's accident records, too.

I urge my fellow Libras to follow my lead in combatting our astrological predisposition toward getting busted for speeding, or for getting into terrible, life-altering accidents, like Libras Mark Hamill and Montgomery Clift both did: don't own a car, and mooch rides off your Leo friends. You know, the ones with huge egos.

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Well. I'm a Leo, and I haven't driven for over 10 years. I prefer being chauffeured around. Does that tell you something, hm? And my regular driver is a Sagittarian who always goes the speed limit and tut-tuts other drivers for failing to signal turns.

Posted by: pamsterdam at December 16, 2006 3:57 AM

"Tut-tuts"? Is that like Amsterdamian for "Pounds the wheel and screams, 'WHAT THE FUCK, YOU FUCKING FUCKS?!'"?

If so, then I tut-tut a lot. LEO STYLE.

Posted by: ADM at December 18, 2006 11:26 PM

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