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July 23, 2007


McDonald's introduces the Hugo

Hurley, aka Hugo, aka McDonald's drink size

After some well-publicized flirtation with healthy food options, McDonald's has returned to doing what it does best, which the New York Times describes as "making people fat." After phasing out its Supersize menu in 2004, they have now started offering basically the exact same insulin-busting drink size of 42 oz., and they're calling it "Hugo".

A brilliant marketing strategy. Hugo, aka Hurley, is one of Lost's most lovable characters, maybe the most appealing morbidly obese person on television. OK, drinking a lot of Hugo-sized sodas (410 calories each! Before you even eat a single fry!) will definitely make you fat, but you'll be an adorable, funny, cuddly, Hugo kind of fat.

Now McDonald's can rebrand their ranch dressing--no more of that lame 170 calorie Newman's Own crap! And since we're all just giving up on salads and apple dippers, they might as well start selling candy bars, too.

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Now, isn't this a pretty picture? All these people are measuring each other's butts while burning in the "lake of fire." Using measuring tape. Or, better yet - someone's burning in the lake of fire, and asking, "Does my butt look fat?" I think that, at a temperature of around 1700 degrees F, they will be walking around looking for a Hugo in order to put out their flames.

I think those of us who know the realities of the lake of fire, i.e., permanent death, not everlasting torment (since when did fire become a perservative?, I think we should be using our intellect to teach people about how Jesus can save them from this future rather than passing judgement upon people because of what they see on the outside.

John 3:16

Posted by: John 3:16 at August 3, 2007 11:38 AM

Aye' someone tell the poor lad that he's about to burst! Crickey!

Posted by: lard at April 15, 2009 10:53 PM

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