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July 25, 2007


Whiny teenage girls are driving even themselves nuts

teenage girls talking

A couple of surprising pieces of news today about the risks of friendship.

First, researchers found that when teenage girls sit around and moan nonstop about how hard their lives are and how they're so depressed, it turns out that they really are making themselves depressed. A little sharing of your problems is OK, but when girls "co-ruminate" excessively (about how much they totally hate their moms and no boys will ever like them and omg their hair is so flat and hideous) it often leads to "persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness or worry." Yeah, shocker.

So this means long-suffering, sullen, complaining, self-obsessed girls really do need to shut the hell up--for their own and everybody else's mental health. Hopefully this study will lead to a public health campaign that also forces them to stop writing poetry.

Interestingly, this phenomenon doesn't appear to happen to boys, who get positive emotional results from sharing their problems with friends. The scientists say they believe the same trends may apply to adults.

And in the popular story that is sure to undermine relationships all over the nation, if you have a close friend of the same sex who gains weight, your chances of becoming obese go up by 71%! By comparison, the same study found that stopping smoking seemed to have no influence on risk of obesity. I know! Incredible.

So I guess the lesson is, yeah, your friends might make you fat, but as long as you don't bitch about it too much, you should be fine.

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WTF?! I mean you are making sense (don't overly exhaust a point or you'll get depressed) but that's really offensive how you assume teen age girls are always bitching! Are you a teen age girl? NO? Shocking. I have to say that NONE of my friends "depress" themselves by obsessing about the crap you said. This generation is much more relaxed then you think. Obviousely you come from a generation with fat bitchy friends. Yay for you.

Posted by: Perrin at August 16, 2009 12:05 AM

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