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January 8, 2003


One of my favorite sections

One of my favorite sections of In Style magazine is Transformations, which shows how a (usually) female celebrity has changed her style/appearance over the years. Well, this month it's Drew. My favorite ever, though, is Sarah Jessica Parker, who (sorry, SJ) went from Homely Helmet Hair (1984) to Dee Snider (1994) to Hot Dee Snider (1999) to Barbra Streisand (2002).

This almost goes without saying, but my other favorite "Transformations" is Salma Hayek, who has basically been the hottest thing in the world since the moment she was conceived, and who, unbelievably, has only gotten hotter as time goes on. Hotter than George Clooney in 1985 you ask? Yes, even hotter than that, I submit.

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