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February 26, 2006


Free Christopher X. Brodeur!

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Christopher X. Brodeur, eternally outspoken New York figure and sometime mayoral candidate, was convicted of harassment last week and was immediately remanded pending his sentencing. As you read this, he's in the holding cells in The Tombs downtown, and will likely get sentenced to Rikers.

But, in our opinion, it doesn't seem to be serving anyone to have CXB in jail now or later. He may seem crazy to many, and he may harass people, but it's not going to do anybody any good to have him in prison. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is often not capable of providing justice in cases like Christopher's, but we're hoping the judge in his case will find a fair solution.

Last week, we received an email from his fiancee, and we're asking you to review the situation, decide whether you think CXB deserves to be in jail, and send a note to the judge in the case if you think other arrangements should be made.

Here's Jessica, his fiancee:


Chris is in jail. Please help if you can. More details below. If you can use letter head, even better. [...]

Thank you,

Political activist and notorious gadfly/performance jokester Christopher X. Brodeur (aka Touching You, known for his involvement in The Liquid Tapedeck and Mr. Brooke Shields of Haunted Pussy) has been found guilty on 21 counts of various levels of harrassment. All of the specifics of the case are not available, but some details are:

** His charges of harrassment and aggravated harrassment (regarding annoying and sometimes seemingly aggressive calls he made to his landlord who illegally kicked him out of his home of 15 years) is a misdemeanor charge. Though Christopher has no prior record of violent crime and has obeyed every restraining order ever placed against him, he was remanded immediately, which means he was taken to jail on the spot once he received a guilty verdict. Many people in his position would be let go until the next court date to get sentenced. Even though his sentencing date was set for March 8th, he was refused bail (though there was already bail on this case) and taken immediately to jail to be subject to now a THIRD psychological evaluation. This is not a 730 remand psychiatric evaluation, this is a judge-ordered psychiatric evaluation to determine how to "best sentence Christopher". Each of the 21 counts holds a maximum sentence of 1 year, so essentially, he is looking at 21 years in jail. [[Ed. Update: Jess says from what she understands, Chris can only get a sentence of a year or two.]] He *probably* won't get that many years, but he technically could. It's likely he will get sentenced a few years, though, with probation to follow. A FEW YEARS in JAIL!!?? For SPEAKING???????????? It would be a very sad thing to see that happen.

WE ARE ASKING ANYONE who has been touched or affected by Christopher's thousands of various art, musical and political projects over his 15 years in NYC to please consider doing one or more of the following things, #s 1 and 2 being the MOST important, 1 being the MOST important of all.

1. Please write Judge Neil Ross a postcard or letter explaining that you know Christopher to be a harmless and beneficial artist, musician and politician if you find this to be true. If you have a project involving Christopher coming up, such as a show where he was scheduled to perform or work, please mention it. If you voted for him when he ran for mayor, please mention that. If you respect him or his work in any capacity, please mention that. Please mention that you do not know Christopher to be a violent person if that is your experience, and anything relating to that. Note that Christopher has been a Lower East Side resident and artist creating positive and imaginative art for the past 15 years, if you know this to be true. Please ask that Christopher be given probation or community service instead of having to do jail time. Mention that many violent criminals don't have to do jail time. Mention that you don't want YOUR tax dollars being spent imprisoning artists. Please do not insult the judge or the courts, even though it might be tempting. If you will write a letter or postcard, please do it ASAP and send it to:

Judge Neil Ross
c/o 100 Center St.
NY, NY 10007

On any piece of mail sent to the judge, please write on it somewhere, RE: CHRISTOPHER X. BRODEUR or something to that effect. Please ask three friends to do the same. List this on your blog and forward it to anyone you know who cares about free speech. This will only take a moment and only costs one stamp. Please do this if you can.

2. PLEASE come to Christopher's court date on March 8th. It is important that the judge and court see that Christopher is a member of a community of artists and activists and he is appreciated and loved. Yes, you might have to get up early, and be in criminal court at 100 Center St. at 9:45 am. If you can't get there that early, just come a little later.

3. If you know a lawyer, a powerful person with activism or free speech interests, a group of people who somehow want to get involved in this cause or are a friend of Christopher's, please forward this message, put it on your website, print it out, copy it and leave it on bus seats. Please help keep freedom alive. This may seem small and insignificant, but it is part of a much larger liberty that we all MUST hold dear and protect, or we will LOSE it. If you know Christopher, you know him to SPEAK his mind. This is a right we have, but we are losing that right more and more every day. Remember, he is in JAIL (currently he is in the TOMBS, to be transported to RIKER'S ISLAND(!!!) possibly for MANY YEARS, because of WORDS HE SAID.

4. Visit www.mayorbrodeur.org if you are not familiar with Christopher X. Brodeur.

THANK YOU dearly.

It doesn't take much to help him out, folks. Please send a note to the judge.

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Tracked on January 21, 2007 11:07 PM


christopher brodeur is a lier and a cheat!

He cheated on his girlfriend and acts like it's no big deal. he doesn't pay taxes and scams the system to pay for his lifestyle.

He's no saint just a bad sinner.

Posted by: Brodeur Suck at December 31, 2007 3:11 PM

Yea, he's a loser. Nobody cares about his long winded ranting and raving.

He needs to get medical attention.

Posted by: Michelle at February 18, 2009 7:43 AM

JUST SAW THIS, and was not really surprised by the misinformation. (Remember, most Americans believe a fat guy squeezes down a billion chimneys on one cold night in December b/c he doesn't know how to pick locks?)

It is human nature to be BAD WITH FACTS. (See: Children's game "Telephone".)

NOTE: I don't have one LEGIT enemy, but there are many people whose crimes I have exposed and whose dishonesty or stupidity I have exposed, and they and their friends try to smear me. (Same shit that's been going on for 5,000 years. WHY didn't Galileo's scientific evidence sway his enemies? Because humans are insane monsters.)

EX: even thousands of my ENEMIES say they hate me BECAUSE of how HONEST I am. (EX: I am the only musician on earth to expose the pay-to-play scams by The Village Voice and Time Out. No one else has the guts to expose this super-scandal that kills the arts.)

And any moron who says I cheated on my girlfriend or lied is an IDIOT----ask the oft-dishonest Delfino HOW she found out I was "cheating" on her! (I gave her the passwords to EVERYONE of my emails----not exactly what you do if you're dishonest or hiding anything.)

I got that blowjob in KMart AFTER Delfino and I broke up and AFTER she fooled around with a guy in London.

But let's not nitpick. Just note that NOT ONE OF MY "ENEMIES" has ever accepted my challenge to put their lies or misinformation against me in any public forum (such as a live debate).


They have no difficulty smearing me in ways where their facts can't be disproven, which is exactly what Bush, Giuliani, Hitler, Stalin, and ALL evil people do.

ANYONE want to debate the facts, let me know: EmpireGoodness@yahoo.com

ALSO: note that 100% of people---friends AND foes---say they BELIEVED all the govt and media reports about my arrests, meaning, irrefutably, that 100% of humans---except me---are mentally insane (b/c even THEY admit the govt and media got caught lying to them millions of times)!!



Posted by: cxb at November 2, 2009 3:59 AM

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