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April 6, 2007


Grindhouse: stay in school, kids!


It's Good Friday, and two not-so-reverential movies come out today: Grindhouse and The Reaping. The Reaping is the kind of schlocky fake-religious garbage that can sometimes be kind of sick fun (especially with the made-up Biblical reference "What Hath God Wrought?" Just awful.) Manohla Dargis' review is OK--she hates it and all, but apparently not quite enough to work her real venomous magic ("There are falling frogs, buzzing flies, crawling lice and really mad cows. Alas, there are also five other plagues.")

Grindhouse, though, is the real news. Featuring Rose McGowan in her leather miniskirt and prosthetic machine gun leg as our pop cultural analyst friend T-Rock's new favorite symbol of American patriotism, it's 3 hours of cheap thrills. Also, were you aware that Naveen Andrews is in "Planet Terror"? He sure is!

Since I haven't actually seen the movie yet, the best thing about it so far is A.O. Scott's review, in which he seriously suggests that kids who want to watch this movie "should ideally sneak in during school hours." So irresponsible! Truancy and exposure of underage minds to gratuitous smut! I love it.

In the explanation of the R rating that comes at the very end of the review, which in the NY Times has become a venue for quick little jokes, he writes, "Grindhouse is rated R. Tell your mother you were over at your friend’s house doing homework, and be sure to tell your friends at school about the severed limbs, the exploding heads and the naked you-know-whats."

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